Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sale: Super Mario Galaxy

I usually don't post these sorts of things, but it seems that Amazon has Super Mario Galaxy (Selects) for sale for $14.99 right now.  This is the lowest I've seen it sold from Amazon so far and I'm a bit tempted even though it might be a month or two before I get my Wii back.  Considering SMG2 is still $40+ I think this is a great price point to get started with the series.

Hey, I've been good so far with the Steam Christmas sale and haven't purchased anything.  That's not like me at all!  :D  Then again I have dropped a good bit of cash on retail 3DS titles in the past 2.5 months. (~$115)

Anyone else tempted???


  1. That is a good price - and I'm slightly tempted, but right off of Christmas and 2 birthdays?  I think we're good on games for awhile, LOL.  Gawd, we just spent so much at gamestop yesterday.  My oldest got a used iPod touch there, my son got a 3DS and my youngest got Skyward Sword and paper mario for the wii (they were all using their giftcards, birthday and christmas money, tho I did pick up a trio of games myself)

  2. I hear ya.  It looks like Amazon ran out of stock so it's back up to $19+ from 3rd party vendors...  Should have grabbed it at the time.

    That sounds great about gamestop.  BTW, what color 3DS's did you and your son get?

  3. Good mornin'!

    I wound up with the aqua one, and my son got the red one.  My wife also picked me up one of those rubberized grips for my system, which is awesome - my hands were cramping just a bit without it.  I was encouraging my son to get a nerf armor for his - we'll see if he does.

  4. Nice color choices, not that boring black. :) Unrelated that rumored solid snake bundle with the snake skin 3ds cover looks cool.

    Thanks for the link on that grip, am definitely considering it. My wrists have been sore and I don't think the extreme pressure I use while playing MK7 is helping. I start off pressing the A button normal, but by the end of the race I'm holding it down so hard it leaves a deep impression in my thumb. Been trying to lighten up on it, but that hasn't worked so far.
    I also like the idea of protecting it while out of my storage case.

  5. ROFL - I've had the ol' thumb-indent myself a few times.  And I too have had a few cramps playing titles on there.  Not bad, and not in my wrists - just in my hands.  But heck, I am just anticipating the age when arthritis kicks in and I can't type anymore.  I spend all day typing away a mile a minute, and then come home and type and/or play video games. :p

  6. It's a game I "own", but is out on loan right now, in exchange for New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

    As for, "Hey, I've been good so far with the Steam Christmas sale and haven't purchased anything."
    Way to keep the economy down....

    Chalgyr though, he and his family are the PERFECT example of keeping this economy going!

  7. Ive had a fab time with my Nintendo 3DS over Christmas. I got Sonic Generations 3DS (Better than I expected), Mario Kart 7 (best one yet in my opinion) and Super Mario 3D Land (Amazing game). I also got Skyrim on the PS3 which has not been touched as of yet due to all the fun im having with the 3DS.

  8. coffeewithgames - ROFL - just tryin' to do my part to keep the economy going in 2012 bud... LOL  So far, the only Steam game I did pick up this week was Civ V for the wife. :)

  9. coffeewithgames  - I know.  *hangs head in shame over the economy*  ...and I'm still holding off on Steam.  I either have it, but more importantly don't really need more games I'm not going to complete.  (*inserts new new-years resolution*)
    Richard Dixon  - That's awesome, great to hear about your 3DS.  I have to say that MK7 is my current favorite even though there are lots of other quality titles that I own.  Just something fun and addicting about karting around even if the AI gangs up on me in the 150cc cups...  ;)  Though Super Mario 3D land is a close second along with some downloadable games.  

    Unrelated to this post, but I just ordered that dreamGEAR Comfort Grip from Best Buy (wasn't the best price, but is convenient today) to pick up later today.

  10. I already own it, or I would be all over it like ketchup on a cheeseburger.

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