Saturday, January 14, 2012

WiiWare Demos are Back!

According to various news sources and noted in this YouTube video it appears that all 50 WiiWare demos are back online.  I'd love to check this out and download all of them, but I don't have my Wii at the moment.

I also could roll into my usual rants about WiiWare, demos, the shop channel and downloads, but we all know the situation.  They probably should never have removed the demos after a certain period of time, but perhaps they've learned something and it's cool to have them back.  Another cynical view is that they really view the Wii and WiiWare as dead weight so why not just let the demos back in.  (despite their claims that the Wii still has life in 2012)

Who knows, maybe this will also lead to WiiWare/VC "sales"?  (haha)

What demos do you think you'll check out now that they don't expire?


  1. Too little, too late, unfortunately.

    Here's hoping the WiiU fixes things.

  2. Like Games, I think they were a bit late in doing this.  That said, I had some extra Wiiware points sitting around from Christmas so my kids have been demoing a handful of games, so for me it's probably more useful than most right now - but overall I don't see it helping sales much probably. 

  3. Yep, can't argue with them being late or it having little effect on sales.  I'm just glad that I don't have to quickly find and download/hoard these demos on my SD card before they mysteriously disappear.

    @Chalgyr:  That's cool with the kids demoing more.