Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How NOT to install StarCraft

Ah, StarCraft, a classic RTS, no sorry, the classic RTS that's still great fun to play today.  I purchased it on launch day back in 1998 and have put in countless hours.  Some of my fondest multiplayer memories are with StarCraft whether it was on in a team melee match with a good friend (on the phone nonetheless to discuss strategy), LAN or even modem.  (that's right kids, before broadband was in my area it was easier to use a direct dial-up modem connection)

At some point in 2010 I installed it on my laptop so I could pack the CD's away in storage in preparation to move.  (along with 3 GTA titles, HL, HL2,ep1,ep2, etc..)  You know, have some great gaming without having to futz with the media.  That was cool until 2011 hit and I formatted and installed Windows 7.  Being that I haven't moved yet all my junk is in storage and I decided to dig out StarCraft and BroodWar the other day and give'em a spin.

I've gone through the installs many times and since I'm supposed to be an IT geek I should probably know what I'm doing.  Little did I know that my clever factor was running low and I was about to waste a bunch of time.

Read on for the sad tale...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nintendo's Wii U - General Thoughts

Unlike in previous years where I'm generally interested in E3 and new gaming but wait for news articles, I actually made an effort to check out the announcements in semi-real time.  Overall I have to say I'm excited with some of the items I've seen and look forward to learning more as they hopefully flesh out some details later in the week.

So what do we have going on so far?