Friday, January 20, 2012

3DS Game Demos

With the release of the RE: Revelations demo today and talk of other titles (mario & sonic, Metal Gear), is Nintendo on the right track?  Here's one hint:  don't prematurely remove the demo from the shop so people can continue to check it out regardless of when they visit.  With their limit of 30 launches (for RE at least) I get the feeling that the demos will stay since they have a measure to prevent perpetual demoing.

I've read a number of complaints on this, but honestly 30 is plenty.  Hell, my most launched game (Mario Kart 7) is only at 37 followed by Link's Adventure DX at 27.  Plus you can play as much as you want while it's launched and it doesn't decrease your demo count.  If you don't know if you want the game by then or feel entitled to perpetually demo then that's just sad.

Though with that said, what about RE?  I've only had a few minutes to look around and get a feel for the game and controls.  Immediately I was struck with how good it looks (i've yet to try the "extra" 3D modes) and how polished everything is.  I suppose the controls are ok as they're making sense and there are some alternate button schemes as well.  As for everything else:  I haven't much of a clue as I'm not that far along yet and have no experience with other RE titles.  Perhaps that's a good thing to take a fresh look without the baggage.

For now I think $50 is a bit much for me so while this looks very enticing, I'm probably going to wait.

Are you looking forward to RE Revelations and/or have tried the demo?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3DS Ambassador Games for General Release

Initially I naively assumed that all Ambassador NES and GBA games would be released "at some point" for the rest of us to purchase.  After searching a bit more the initial word is that this isn't the case.  From what I can tell some or all of the NES games will be released, but not the GBA games.

[Begin Rant]

Saturday, January 14, 2012

WiiWare Demos are Back!

According to various news sources and noted in this YouTube video it appears that all 50 WiiWare demos are back online.  I'd love to check this out and download all of them, but I don't have my Wii at the moment.

I also could roll into my usual rants about WiiWare, demos, the shop channel and downloads, but we all know the situation.  They probably should never have removed the demos after a certain period of time, but perhaps they've learned something and it's cool to have them back.  Another cynical view is that they really view the Wii and WiiWare as dead weight so why not just let the demos back in.  (despite their claims that the Wii still has life in 2012)

Who knows, maybe this will also lead to WiiWare/VC "sales"?  (haha)

What demos do you think you'll check out now that they don't expire?