Thursday, September 29, 2011

3DS Game Selection

So now that I'm leaning pretty heavily towards getting a 3DS in the near future, I thought I would blast off some lists of games I'm looking at and see if I was missing anything.  Perhaps current 3DS owners have a clearer perspective on the situation..

Before I get into the games there's also a new poll about 3DS color over there ->>.  What are your recommendations?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cut the Rope for Android *FREE* (6 hours left)

This is a seriously late post, but if you're looking to pick up Cut the Rope on Android for free, check out the Amazon Appstore.  It's currently on a daily deal for free and I believe they reset it at 6am (est) each day.

I picked this up earlier today and while I feel a little guilty for getting it for free, I suppose I'll find a way to fix that with ZeptoLab.  At any rate I played through about a dozen levels and am pretty impressed.  More thoughts on that later..

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cool Mario Toys

Ok, so I'm not super huge on toys or figurines, but I have to admit there are some cool items for Nintendo characters that I've checked out recently.  Cool enough where I may consider picking some up.  Who doesn't want some Koopa Troopa, ShyGuy or various other characters on their desk for motivation?  (err. not sure which direction they motivate...)

Some linkage:
The 'key moments' musical toys are very cool and need to make their way to the US!

Any toy, figurine or gaming-related items like this that you've enjoyed over the years?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's Next?

'What's next' is always a fun question and has been one I've been asking myself lately.  While I think the Wii has a great deal of gaming life left (*), it's certainly hit the sunset in terms of new development.  I know new games are being released, though I don't see a ton of content that's appealing.

(*) Gaming life as in titles I've yet to complete, previously released games I haven't purchased and unique WiiWare titles that somehow squeak through.  For example I've been going through Liight this month and it's been a great deal of fun.  For $5 it's a no brainer.  (released in March'2011)

While I have been thinking about this for some time now, some extra funds in the way of birthday gift cards put a new spin on price.  Some of these costs, yes even the 3DS, don't seem so bad when they can be offset or eliminated.  :)

It's pretty clear what the options are and here are some brief thoughts:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wii Configuration

Despite my fast and furious rate of posts I thought I would take a break to list the two ways I've setup my Wii, go through some pros and cons and see what everyone else is doing.  Though perhaps I should expand it to all consoles and not get into the varied mess that is PC gaming.

Basically it boils down to screen size, clarity, comfort and availability.  So let's start with my original setup in the living room on the large screen.