Friday, December 2, 2011

NightSky headed to 3DS?

   Just like my own personal field of dreams where I was wishing NightSky on 3DS were an option; I see this on twitter. Pretty cool actually, though I'll hold my full enthusiasm for the price point. I'm sure we're looking at something more like $7-15 vs the awesome $2.49 I swooped up on Steam the other day.

   I'm certainly encouraged by this and several other efforts by Nicalis such as Cave Story 3D for retail and the VVVVVV port to 3DS. Let's hope this momentum continues to grow and other developers will also bring their titles over. The "trickle in some VC titles" bit is growing old... (not to mention that we don't need overpriced episodic releases of "House MD")

  Pretty sure VVVVVV is going to be a release-day or soon thereafter purchase and from what I've experienced with NightSky on PC, I'd certainly like that on the 3DS.  Have to wait and see on Cave Story 3D due to the high retail price.

Is anyone else looking forward to NightSky or other titles from Nicalis?


  1. I like what I've played of VVVVV, which is admittedly not a ton and I haven't had a chance to play NightSky yet (on top of that, I don't even have a 3DS!).  All of that being said, it would be nice to see Nintendo ramp up its VC offerings on the 3DS.  With so much skepticism out there still as to whether or not Nintendo will 'finally get it' when it comes to the Wii U's community features and approach to downloadables, it would be nice to see the 3DS get a bit more love on the digital front first.

  2. It certainly would be nice to see more robust shopping and community features.  Promising that this will be on-par with the Wii U's release is one thing, though I think they would instill more confidence if they could show progress with the 3DS.

    I've read some about the upcoming ability to browse titles via computer then take a picture of a QR code with your 3DS for eShop linkage.  I guess it's a step somewhere forward (sort of a tangent), but still seems rather awkward in the implementation.  Just let me buy via computer and queue downloads to the device in some form.

    but I disgress....  Don't we have this same conversation on each nintendo/3ds post?  :)

    I am hoping VVVVVV on 3DS really shines as it's a great game and who wouldn't want to listen to that great music as well?

  3. I haven't really followed any of these, except Cave Story, and that was only for a data report! This past year, if it hasn't been data related or coverage related, I really haven't followed many games.

    Perhaps when Nintendo announces what their next 3DS update is, and they FINALLY announce the system's "Nintendo Channel" will show "TOTAL HOURS" reported, I will rush out and buy one...and start researching these other games more. I really hope they don't do that yet though, as I'm really wanting to hold out for a redesign at this point...but they'll do it just to spite me, since I'm on their blacklist.

  4. A nintendo channel of sorts for 3DS would be great.  I don't really care to report the data if we, consumers, can't see it..  Though I'm sure the redesign will hit soon just for spite.

    As for NightSky, I could have gone for a 3DS version last night as you probably suspected.  With "Mr. 5-day-old who doesn't want to sleep" yelling it wasn't very easy to work the controls on a laptop while holding him.  Then again you wouldn't have seen that I was online and in a game.

  5. "I'm sure we're looking at something more like $7-15 vs the awesome $2.49 I swooped up on Steam the other day."

    That's because the eShop is ridiculously over-priced.

    I've played the demo of VVVVVV and it looks like it's going to do well on the 3DS. I can't wait to see how it's going to turn out!

  6. I can't argue much with that. 

    Really great to hear about the VVVVVV demo.  Just one more day to go!!