Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25th 3DS Thoughts

With today's 3DS firmware update and several other announcements, it's further encouragement that the 3DS and eShop is continuing to move in a positive direction.  I don't often have the time or energy for a post, so let's quickly get to it before that changes:

Home Menu Folders:

This is something people have been wanting for a long time on the Wii and I can't honestly blame them.  (hint: it's not too late Nintendo)  My 3DS screen was getting quite cluttered especially with all the demo and video titles.  Overall this is a great implementation with the minor quibble that it automatically names the folder then you have to go back to edit.

How's mine now?  I'm too lazy to post a screenshot, so here's the basic idea:

  • Cartridge Launcher (don't think you can move it), eShop, Settings
  • Mutant Mudds and Swapnote for easy access.
  • Folders: Demos, Videos, System (all the other 3ds "stuff") and finally a generic one to collect the rest of my eShop games.
I can see this leading to an overly-clean/folderized layout, but is that such a bad thing?  I really like this feature and the ability to keep things on one screen.  Having the option of customizing the icon size per folder is also cool.


There doesn't seem to be anything major, but I do like the dual-row layout and the fact that it sets us up for DLC and patching.  I guess the recommendations section may be helpful, though I can't say I ever use that sort of thing much.  One cool thing is that they featured Jools Watsham in a "Pro Pick" feature.  

The other item I didn't see mentioned much is the new QR code scan under Settings.  I guess is this their first step into faster purchasing, but I'd rather just buy via computer.  Then again, maybe they're going to use it for something else.

3D Updates:

Apparently CaveStory is getting an update to replace the DSiWare version which adds 3D and many features/content that were already in other versions such as WiiWare and CaveStory+ on Steam.  Since I've held off on every other version to date I'm pretty excited about this news.  Ok, sure, they already have the code and art assets so it's not a huge leap and adding 3D is probably going to create some buzz and drive sales.  From a strictly selfish standpoint I'm fine with that and will be purchasing.

Another interesting update is for Might Switch Force which apparently adds some content, adds a retry feature and improves 3D.  All in all very cool and while I've held off on this game so far, it's certainly on my radar.  Possibly a bit higher now.

That's all I've noticed at the moment and will be updating this post if I find anything else.

What are you thoughts on the firmware and game updates?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Update

So I posted a 'Hiaitus' entry in December followed by 6 more posts, then don't do anything for over two months. Go figure...

What's been going on?