Monday, June 25, 2012

New Super Mario Bros 2 Website

What's this, another post within a day?  There must be something to that Mayan prophecy...

If you hadn't noticed there's a new official website for New Super Mario Bros 2.  (and boy am I tired of typing that title)  Besides some nice looking screen shots that we've already seen and some pre-order now links what does it have to offer?  Well, there's a paragraph at the bottom that seems new to me so I thought I would mention it.

Team up with a friend for local wireless multiplayer, and challenge friends via the StreetPass™ feature in Coin Rush mode. Get ready for the gold standard in platforming fun—only on Nintendo 3DS!

So while I'll probably never have a chance to do local multiplayer, at least it's there and there will be some kind of friend challenge.  The key phrase for me is streetpass and not spotpass.  While real online multiplayer is what I think would be great, exchanging coin rush scores/times/etc. and competing with your friends remotely is what they need to do.  Don't disappoint us Nintendo..

Also, it seems the retail version will be the standard $39.99, but I couldn't find a price on the eShop version. For some reason $29 seems like a better fit at the moment, but that could just be me accounting for known DLC from the start.  :)

(still undecided about the eShop download and am leaning towards retail)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nintendo Direct - A Few thoughts

We've all pretty much seen the Nintendo Direct on 6/21 by now and had a chance to digest it a bit.  Here are some quick thoughts on the matter before I run out of time: