Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Steam Beast

That dang old new years resolution isn't looking so hot and now I've gone and purchased three more...  The Autumn Steam sale looks pretty good and as usual you have to watch for good deals while trying not to get whipped into that buying frenzy.

I ended up purchasing three games from my wishlist: NightSky, LIMBO and Altitude.  All were under $3/ea at 75% off which I thought was a good bet.  As is my new mantra 'I wouldn't mind seeing them on 3DS' though that might be a stretch or a long wait.  I also would have liked to get NightSky on WiiWare, but I'm just not going to shell out the money right now.

Hm, there's zombie Driver for less than $3 as well...

NightSky just finished so I'm going to check it out for a second, though that download was very painful.  ISP service is either bad tonight or they're throttling us back..


  1. I was on Steam last night, looking at DATA! LOL, such a sad individual I am. Also, I was trying to change my password, but couldn't figure that out, so after getting lost in the data pages, I just signed off.

    " I also would have liked to get NightSky on WiiWare, but I'm just not going to shell out the money right now."

    They would probably be $10...FOREVER. Since Nintendo doesn't understand this idea of video game SALES!

  2. Nintendo and their unwillingness to budge and give games as sales priced really hurts them.  I haven't bought a title from their e-shop in ages.  I was really proud of myself - I held off on any purchases on Steam.  I was *this close* to getting Civ V for my wife though.  But there will no doubt be large Christmas sales then.  This is the first major Steam sale were I went without buying anything.  I'm so proud of me. :P

  3. ""This is the first major Steam sale were I went without buying anything.  I'm so proud of me."
    The entire failure of the US economy can now be blamed on one person. The collapse of Steam, the downfall of PC gaming, the closure of development studios because you resisted. How do you feel now?!

  4. ROFL!  Um... well, less-poor than usual, so um, go me! :)  I did my 'part' during the Sega sale where I bought their entire catalog.  Ya'll should have game reviews from me on my blog through 2012 easy, if I can play enough to keep pace. :P

  5. I just read today, that because of your non-actions with this sale, that Europe is now bracing for the Euro to completely fail...

  6. coffeewithgames You are very sad indeed.  //looking forward to some steam data posts now..//

    You should be able to change your password by going to the 'Steam' option on the menu bar, go to settings, then 'change my password or secret question' button.

    As for NightSky on WiiWare, yeah it'll be stuck at $10 or whatever indefinitely.  It's a shame too as I could see them picking up more business with occasional sales.  Steam has shown some of their sale stats and it's amazing the increase in sales and revenue.  Somehow Nintendo isn't seeing the part where they're going to pick up sales from people who would NEVER have purchased the game at the normal price.  I'll say that again: *NEVER*.

    Chalgyr Great, screw it up for the rest of us.....  :D

  7. ROFL@you both.  Don't worry.  I get the feeling my Christmas shopping has done my part to 'right' the economy so far.  The video game tally is big. :P

  8. Let us know when we can expect those packages in the mail. :-p

  9. ROFL at you both.  Well, I can tell you here (I'm afraid to post it to my blog yet where my son may find it) - but he's getting battlefield 3 and Batman: Arkham City, Bioshock 3 for the PS3 and The world ends with you for his DS.

    My oldest is getting Bioshock 1 for the PS3, Sims 3 for the DS, Kingdom Hearts GBA for her DS and Twilight Princess for the Wii

    My youngest is getting a DSi, Pokemon Black for DS and Epic Mickey for the Wii.

    That doesn't even tough on birthday presents (my youngest has her b-day 2 days after Christmas, and my son's is like 2 1/2 weeks after).  There will be no shortage of game music around the Chalgyr household in a few weeks. :P

  10. Thankfully we aren't doomed now! So do you get to "borrow" the games after they give them a play through? :)