Thursday, September 29, 2011

3DS Game Selection

So now that I'm leaning pretty heavily towards getting a 3DS in the near future, I thought I would blast off some lists of games I'm looking at and see if I was missing anything.  Perhaps current 3DS owners have a clearer perspective on the situation..

Before I get into the games there's also a new poll about 3DS color over there ->>.  What are your recommendations?

Top Tier "Must Have":

Mario Kart 7: $39.99 / Release: 12/4/2011
  I'm a huge fan of the series and while I haven't re-collected all of the previous titles on VC, it doesn't seem right to get a 3DS without a kart title.  The footage I've seen seems like a great deal of fun, but honestly I haven't delved any deeper into the details.  For $40 I'd want to make sure I'm getting enough gameplay.  Seems I should do more research before getting all worked up.  (how many tracks, characters, online, etc..)

Super Mario 3D Land: $39.99 / Release: 11/13/2011 Official Website
  So far it seems fairly light on the preview videos so hopefully there will be more soon or I need to look more.  In some aspects it reminds me of a Mario64/Galaxy kind of view, other views seem more like a 3D side scroller and others are completely different with more of a top down view.   It certainly looks enjoyable

Tetris: Axis:  $29.99 / Release: 10/2/2011
  As with MK7 a Tetris title seems like a must even if it's based on nostalgia from my original Gameboy.  In either case at least it's not $40 and from reviewing some videos it looks pretty interesting.  I am waiting to hear GoNintendo's official review, but from their initial thoughts it sounds promising.  The AR game modes are interesting and impressive, though I suspect they are more of novelty and won't be used nearly as much as the others.  Some have commented that Axis isn't up to par with the Tetris for DS, but I don't know enough about either to comment.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition: Official Website
  It's a bit much to say that I'd buy a 3DS for this, but it looks like some hot nostalgia and being free until 2/20/12 ain't half bad either.  (was it just me with goosebumps from the music in the video?)  I have doubts that I'd ever have an opportunity to do any multiplayer which looks awesome, but the single player looks fun as well.  Besides getting A Link to the Past on VC or via a 3D remake, this looks to fit the bill nicely.

Am interested in:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: $29.99
  Never had a chance to play the original and while top-down view Zelda titles are more my style, I hear it's highly rated (orig at least) and want to see what it's all about.

Cave Story 3D: $39.99 / Release: 11/8/2011
  Didn't play the original free PC version or on WiiWare, but I like what I see.  Just not sure on $40 yet.

Luigi's Mansion 2: $39.99 / Release: TBD
  I sound like a broken record here...  Looks interesting.

Paper Mario 3DS:
  Never had any experience with the series and would like to see more.

StarFox 3D: 
  Still not sure on this one yet.  I don't have any nostalgia love going on and am not sure about $40.

Other for Possible Consideration:

Bit.Trip Complete Series:  I like Gaijin, but have only warmed up to Bit.Trip runner.
Pilotwings Resort:  Demo seemed cool and I'm glad to see it at $19 on amazon.  Not sure how long this would keep my interest.
Contra 3DS
Resident Evil: Revelations
Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3DS
DOA Dimensions


I think I've run out of money by now...     What was I thinking?

So those are some thoughts on games if/when I get a 3DS.  I think the line up is starting to look real good and while I haven't touched on VC/eShop I'm also hopeful it will continue to expand as well.

I also know I missed some games out right now (steel diver, ghost recon, lego SW, RE: Mercenaries, etc..), and have ignored quite a few I have no interest in.

As a 3DS owner or gamer more up to date on news than I, what am I missing that you would recommend and what are your thoughts on any of the above titles?


  1. I would personally recommend Samurai Warriors Chronicles.

    Those games get terrible press, but they're honestly great games, with plenty of gameplay to them.

    I would also really recommend DoA.... the best fighter I've played in years and years.

  2. Very cool list - my son's been playing the 4 swords game as he got it free for his DSi and says it's a lot of fun. For me? Games I'd want:

    Mario Kart 7
    Luigi's Mansion 2
    Zelda: Ocarina

    Other titles I've seen recently mentioned that I was interested in:

    Kid Icarus
    Fatal Frame
    Culdcept Saga

    Always been interested in Paper Mario, but only briefly played it on the Gamecube and liked it, just haven't really invested in it yet.

  3. @Games: I believe I've heard about Samurai by name (perhaps even on your site), but don't know anything about it; will have to research some.

    As for DoA, that's cool to hear. I had a great deal of fun with the demo, but my experience with fighters is significantly out of date. I believe Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast was the last fighter I put any real time into. (some 10+ years ago)

    @Chalgyr: How could I leave out Kid Icarus? Thanks for mentioning Fatal and Culdcept; will have to see what those are about.

    It's good to hear your son is having fun with 4 swords. I watched more videos of it last night and like it even more now. Seems like a fun mix of many zelda games in one. Some areas seem like the GBA game, some are set to the original LOZ and, to my particular delight, some seem to have the music and look of A Link to the Past.

    I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. DOA - that's a good one too. I played #4 on the 360 and liked it. I like my fighter games - funny you mentioned Soul Calibur - really looking forward to #5 when it comes out.

    Fatal Frame is a horror based game, and Culdcept Saga was a ccg/rp/monopoly type game. I liked it on the 360, and I'm curious to see if they update it significantly for the 3DS or not. Fatal Frame has been my favorite horror game series ever.

  5. So @games, do you prefer the circle or dpad with DoA? I tried both for the brief chance I had on Tuesday and think I ended up more on the dpad. FWIW it seemed "lower" than I initially expected, though it may make sense on a handheld to ensure everything fits right and doesn't rub.

    @Chalgyr: I thought FF was horror, but wasn't familiar with the franchise. I'm not sure Culdcept is my kind of thing, but I appreciate the mention especially with FF.

  6. I don't own a 3DS, but I have heard lots of good things about Ghost Recon Shadow Wars on the system.

    Oh yea, and as for color choice...not sure which one I would go with, but probably the my coffee!

  7. The black picks up smudges easily as it's not a matte finish. It does look sleek though.

    I would have rather got a Flare Red or Aqua Blue 3DS, but I'm not one to argue. My older brother bought me mine as a gift.

    As for games, definitely check out Dead or Alive: Dimensions. I haven't heard too many good things about Steel Diver, but Nintendogs + Cats is extremely charming.

    P.S. Would you want to affiliate with my blog, SuperPhillip Central?

  8. @Coffee: Thanks, I briefly looked at GRSW last night, but was too tired to really get into it. Interesting that it's a turn-based strategy game.

    @SuperPhilip: I appreciate the recommendations; will definitely be looking at DoA at some point.

    I know what you mean on the smudges and it's a shame they didn't at least go matte with black. I can see how blue and red may hide the fingerprints, though black is currently my preference.

    As for the blog, sure, your link is already up!

  9. Just noticed a nice little post by regarding Super Mario 3D land with some new spoiler details. Sounds pretty sweet!

  10. that does look good, but for whatever reason, probably not right at the top of my 3DS wishlist. I definitely think OOT was the way to go to start

  11. I thought LOZ:OOT @ $29 is a pretty good deal, but we'll have to see how it shakes out. Depending on how much gameplay I get out of it I may just wait on 3D land and get Mk7 first in December.

  12. Have also looked at the New SMB for DS which seems interesting. The price though is still high so I'll have to put it on the list and think about it. I wonder if they'll come out with a New SMB for 3DS or if that's what SMB 3D land is supposed to be?

  13. I suspect they'll eventually come out w/ a new 2D one - but probably a bit later. I really would like to see more of the new Luigi's Mansion and Mario Kart as well. :)

  14. I see what you mean, a traditional SMB 2D side scroller with 3D "depth" vs a 3D playable environment like 3D Land or Paper Mario. Yeah, I hadn't seen any news on something like this, but I'm behind on my feeds..

    More news on either of those would certainly be cool. I'm just glad MK7 will have online play in addition to the local multiplayer.