Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cut the Rope for Android *FREE* (6 hours left)

This is a seriously late post, but if you're looking to pick up Cut the Rope on Android for free, check out the Amazon Appstore.  It's currently on a daily deal for free and I believe they reset it at 6am (est) each day.

I picked this up earlier today and while I feel a little guilty for getting it for free, I suppose I'll find a way to fix that with ZeptoLab.  At any rate I played through about a dozen levels and am pretty impressed.  More thoughts on that later..


  1. And yet on DSiWare this costs $7.50.

    And Nintendo wonders why it struggles in digital downloads.

  2. I should probably download this, for if/when I get a phone that can run it...

    Thanks for the heads up! I'll give it a try and see if it works.

  3. Good game - we have it for my wife's iPad. I think we picked it up for 99 cents at the time. @games - exactly, the lack of sales on the Nintendo shops really dull my interest in checking them out. Every week you see the PSN and Xbox Marketplace doing sales, and sites like Amazon, Gamersgate, GOG and Steam doing sales, but you don't see nintendo having any that I'm aware of - and those inflexible prices hurt them I think when the same or similar games can be had for cheaper - or free.

  4. It's disappointing that they [N] seem to be stuck in a mindset or business model where sales aren't an option. I'm with you Chalgyr, it really deflates any excitement or urgency to visit on a regular basis as I know the prices will always be the same. Whereas with Steam I'm always viewing the site and reading feeds to catch good deals.

    WiiWare or VC games that are only on Wii are one thing, but it gets even stranger when cross-platform games like cut the rope are that much more expensive...

    I appreciate everyone's comments!

  5. @Chalgyr: Nope, the Wii has never seen a discounted game on the Virtual Console or WiiWare service that I'm aware of...and it's really ridiculous for the developers I think.

    I remember Rage of the Gladiator was originally going to release at $15, but the developer saw a few comments that said $10 would be better for it...soooo, the developer contacted Nintendo like 2 weeks before the game was due out, to ask if they could get the asking price dropped from $15, down to $10...which Nintendo did do, but the fact it is now stuck forever at $10, and more Wii owners can't even demo really, really, really STUPID.

  6. Nods@Incomplete & Coffee

    Exactly. I have a morning routine. I check out gamersgate, gog, ign, amazon first thing in the morning. Then after 1, I check out Steam. Why? Well, it's not like I need more games (god I don't need more games right now) - but I can be suckered w/ a sale. I read up on IGN every week when they post the PSN/Xbox discounts. I haven't visited the Nintendo shop in probably 5 months. If they discounted games once in awhile, and gave me a reason to visit, sure - I wouldn't always buy, but you post some title I've been on the fence about for 75% off? I'm going to probably pick it up. Nintendo's going to really have to look at the way they do their online I think, when the Wii U comes out. Their current models are not what people want.

    I already read an article about limiting chat on the Wii U because they want to foster kid-friendly environments, which I can understand somewhat, but it worries me when I see no real changes to the current formula that they may not 'get it' with the Wii U yet eiter.

  7. It's unfortunate our Nintendo/Wii/WiiU conversation tangents always seem to end up here where N doesn't get it and I hope they don't screw up the WiiU...

    Hopefully their parental controls don't limit the rest of us.

  8. @incomplete - LOL. you know, I hadn't really thought about it that way, but I think you're right - we do seem to lament how often Big N gets things wrong - but it's only because we care because of the things they do get right! :)

  9. That's good point, if we didn't care we probably wouldn't say much.

    Then again NOA sure does a lot of flaming on their facebook posts... Half seem to be requesting Xenoblade and other titles they haven't localized. :)