Monday, September 26, 2011

Cool Mario Toys

Ok, so I'm not super huge on toys or figurines, but I have to admit there are some cool items for Nintendo characters that I've checked out recently.  Cool enough where I may consider picking some up.  Who doesn't want some Koopa Troopa, ShyGuy or various other characters on their desk for motivation?  (err. not sure which direction they motivate...)

Some linkage:
The 'key moments' musical toys are very cool and need to make their way to the US!

Any toy, figurine or gaming-related items like this that you've enjoyed over the years?


  1. I love things like that, and yet don't have all that many - at least game related. In jr. high and high school my room looked like something out of the Angry Video Game Nerd webisodes. Had Nintendo Power posters, characters all over the place, etc.

    Now? My den is a mashup of Detroit Lions and Pistons sports items and fantasy items (like dragon statues, wizards, things like that) :)

  2. "Any toy, figurine or gaming-related items like this that you've enjoyed over the years?"

    Star Wars, and being that Shadows of the Empire was my first N64 game I owned, I think I can say they are "gaming-related" right?!

    I currently have a Yoda cup that Taco Bell had back for Episode I, a Darth Vader cup I use for holding pens, and I have a Yoda figurine still sealed up from Episode II sitting on my desk.
    I also have a Donkey Kong bobblehead figurine that is standing on a Game Boy Advance that is really sweet looking, and a "Target Exclusive" Mario figuring holding the GameCube...both of those I received from my neighbor who was cleaning out stuff.

  3. @coffee - those Nintendo ones sound fun. :) The mario holding a Gamecube - I think I know which one you're talking about even. Had a buddy w/ one like that a few years ago he had perched on top of a monitor if it's the one I'm thinking of.