Sunday, October 2, 2011

A sign of things to come

The last several posts have been fairly heavy on the 3DS, especially "what's next".  While I have dedicated some serious thought to the 3DS since launch it's never really been in the realm of actually buying it.  With the August price drop and some newly-acquired gift cards, it seemed like the right time to jump back into that discussion and mull/waffle it over against other console options.

I finally took the plunge on Friday and placed an order with Amazon which should hopefully arrive somewhere between Wednesday and Saturday.  I considered not posting anything until I had a week or two of hands-on time, but what fun is that?

Needless to say I'm excited not only for the game line up, but to have a new kind of gaming experience via a handheld.  Catch more details after the jump.

Which One?
Sorry Blue and Red..
Not that the color really matters, any will do.  Though I chose to go with black even though I hear it shows more fingerprints and smudges.  It would be great in a matte finish, but that's probably something to aim for in the next revision and it wasn't important enough to wait on.


Yes, I bought all the games listed in the 3DS games post; even the pre-order ones..   I'm joking, I didn't actually buy any with the console order and decided to wait and think about it more.

The initial plan was to get Tetris: Axis and the free Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition.  So I have my retro Zelda action covered, I only have to buy one game right now and I like Tetris.  This seemed like a solid plan, but then I already have Tetris Party on WiiWare so it's not going to kill me to not play it or Axis for awhile.

DoA: Dimensions was another good choice, but I decided to hold off until later.  More or less I know I'm getting 3D Land and MK7 and am trying not to go wild and front-load myself up with tons of games right now.

At this point the new Ocarina of Time 3D seemed like the way to go after watching a number of videos.  I've never played the original and besides wanting to play A Link to the Past, OOT is next in line.  I think the original LOZ was actually the first NES game I played which seemed like a good tradition to keep going.  (one of those Christmas day things where I must have played it for 8 hours)  I was going to pick it up at Best Buy next week, but I might as well just save the tax and order from Amazon.  It may arrive after the 3DS which isn't a big deal.
Can I get a w00t for OOT?


Not sure there's much to say.  Really looking forward to it even though I'm going to have next to zero time in the next month and I'm happy with the purchases I've made.  Also looking forward to the next firmware patch in November and see what all that brings beyond what they've released.

Feel free to drop any thoughts or comments or your 3DS friend code!  I'll be sure to post mine as soon as I can.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you online! Make sure you share your friends code for some of those games!

  2. wOOt 4 OOT

    I voted for the red, mostly because of the reported 'smudginess' of the black, but I would have gone either way, because I like my black systems too.

    Congrats on the new acquisition - very curious to see how you like it, and your games. I think Zelda was an excellent choice to start with - and one of the Zelda games I never played before either and would also probably be my first 3DS acquisition if I were to get one.

    Hope you enjoy it and thanks for letting us in on your surprise! :0)

  3. LOL Chalgyr. :)

    I appreciate it guys! Now why did I choose Super Saver Free shipping vs one-day again?? Oh yeah, put that $10 towards a game.

  4. I hate that, having to pick between waiting and not. One thing I do like about Amazon is the release day you can do w/ pre-orders, since it's only 99 cents and I've had it by 6pm every time I've done it so far - which is cool since I don't get home until about 5:30 from work on those release days anyway. :P

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  6. Black (coffee) FTW!

    As for, "I considered not posting anything until I had a week or two of hands-on time, but what fun is that?"
    Good job NOT delaying...I have done that with lots of posts/ideas, and they usually stay as ideas/notes for "future ideas" that keep getting delayed longer and longer...

    Congrats on the purchase, and looking forward to your thoughts on it.

  7. Oops, accidentally removed my own post. Suppose I should paste it back here for completeness.

    Lol Coffee on Black. I'm also trying to balance out the posts some where I don't delay them as perpetual drafts after spending time, but also don't just blast out tons of little low-quality ones either. (not to say these so far are great quality, but you get the gist)

    / orig post: /

    I should note that I did think about the red color some. Though on Friday amazon was temporarily out of stock and it wasn't that important.

    Thanks for the pre-order information, I don't believe I've ever done that with amazon before. I may look at pre-ordering MK7 later in the week or next just to secure the game for December.

    (ps: has shipped; will be here on Thursday - gar, looked at the calendar too quickly yesterday)

  8. Was gonna say - the original post said Wed didn't it? 1 more day! you can make it though! :)

  9. LOL Chalgyr, good eye. Everything from Amazon said the 6th, but Wednesday was stuck in my head. Perhaps wishful thinking. After adjusting the post I checked out UPS's site and now the 5th is listed as the new date...

    It's refreshing to know that my shipping ESP gets through to UPS. :)

  10. Have to do a real post sometime soon, but my friend code is 2878-9848-8658 . Feel free to post your codes or email me.