Thursday, August 2, 2012

Club Nintendo Elite Gifts

Time is about to run out on the Club Nintendo gifts, have you claimed yours or are you an incomplete slacker like me?  I have until 8/6 and am honestly underwhelmed by the selection, but suppose I should choose something.  What to do?

On one hand the non-game gifts are kind of cool, however I don't think I'll have much use for them.  (posters, really?)  The cards seem very nice and I keep getting back to the fact that I don't play cards and don't have interest in "collecting" this item for future sale/use.  The calendar seems cool too and I could see me cutting them out to put in a frame in my office.

Then we get to the game gifts.  The one caveat is that I don't have my Wii, so redeem now and wait or get Metroid II for the 3DS?

  • Majora's Mask - Am considering this one heavily and it's the most expensive to be purchased separately at 1000 ($10) points.
  • Super Mario Kart - Another classic for 800 points that I've always wanted to try.
  • Metroid II - I haven't been too hot on this even for a metroid game.  Reading SuperPhillip's review only bolstered that view.  Besides it's only $3.99 and probably the worst use of the gift.
What did you pick up this time around and what do you think I should get?


  1. Like you said, you can get Metroid II for $3.99. You can sell the physical gifts like the cards or posters for much more on eBay or a site similar to that. I got the cards which I will most definitely keep.

  2. IncompleteIndecisiveGaming has a nice ring to it. It's okay though, I'm in the indecision boat right now as well, and have the plague...the only thing I'm deciding right now is, "Which medicine NOW?"

  3. I went with the cards.  I don't play a ton of cards, but once in a while my son and I do, so I think what I'll do is set them aside and give them to my son for his birthday since he did not qualify for an elite one and wound up ordering the posters for his room.

  4. Don't forget to make you selection! I have the page open, and I'm it doesn't end up like my failure in purchasing L4D2 on Steam. "I still have a few hours, I'll just wait...", a few hours passed by, and so did the sale!