Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Damage: Steam Summer Sale 2012

I've been rather busy (more on that later) and haven't posted anything on the recent Steam mega sale.  Though there has been some great coverage over at which I recommend you check out.  (especially surviving a steam sale)

I had no intentions of buying this sale (considering my PC malfunctions - new one on the way), but as usual I couldn't resist and am not sure I made the best use of my money.  DAMN YOU STEAM!!

Without further adieu, let's check out the damage:

Total: $34.15


  • Borderlands GOTY
  • From Dust
  • The Binding Of Issac
    • BoI Soundtrack
    • BoI Wrath of Lamb
  • Frozen Synapse: Complete Pack
  • Bastion
  • Trine 2
  • Vessel
  • Cave Story+

   Honestly these are all fine games and considering the discounts it's considerable gaming content for under $40.  Though my original goal was to stay under $20 and I'm not sure I made the best choices.  That feeling was only compounded by Scott from mentioning The Walking Dead.  

   After checking out some additional videos from Telltale's website I probably should have just gone with The Walking Dead for 40% off ($14.99) and maybe Borderlands.  After spending nearly $35 I thought it was best to stop the bleeding and wait for the winter sale.  Better yet maybe I'll buy it for more and support the dev?

How did you fare this time around and what do you think of the above games?


  1. Nice post! More on the topic to keep your site name correct. I picked up a few games on the Steam Summer Sale, one being Portal 2, another being Sanctum. 
    I'll have to look up my receipts later for my grand total, but I also picked up a few games for gifts/giveaways on CWG in the future, and one already this past week: Space Pirates and Zombies.As for The Walking Dead, I somehow held off on it..and like you though, am thinking, "Seriously, when is the game going to be 40% off again?!"On that topic though, Mrs. Coffee and I have been throwing around some ideas based off of our time watching first season of The Walking Dead.As for the games you picked up, I only own Bastion (thank you Humble Bundle!), though I do have Borderlands on the PS3.Speaking of other sales though, I'm still kicking myself over forgetting to purchase the L4D2 bundle for only $5 last week.

  2. Not a bad list at all, especially for the number and quality of the games you nabbed.  I'm pretty proud of myself - I held out this summer and didn't pick anything up (compensation for last summer when I bought a truckload?).  

  3. What!? "I held out this summer and didn't pick anything up"
    How is this even possible, from the guy that got me to get a Steam account with a giveaway? Failing to lead by example, with purchasing at least one game a day for the entire sale!

  4. True to form I plan to not even install some of these for awhile and keep the backlog growing.

    Portal 2 for $4.99 was a pretty amazing deal.  I'm interested to hear how you like it considering your lack of interest in Portal.  I thought it was all the cool parts of the original only longer, more story and more mechanics to work with.  If those white/sterile testing chambers turned you off then have no fear.
    Will also try to carve out some time for co-op in August.  :)

    Still kicking myself on The Walking Dead, but winter will be here soon enough and I'm sure there will be a discount.

    gifts for non-skimmers, nice...

  5. I think he's lying.  *off to check steam*

    That's impressive to hold off on the sale even with the boatload from last year.  

  6.  LOL @ both robert & coffee.

    Well, I'm so backlogged on games right now, it just doesn't make sense for me.  actually, this year?  I have purchased very few games really.  Diablo III, Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amular were my only 'new' game buys, and a handful of smaller used... but I've just gotten into this stack of big, deep rpg and strategy games that chews up buckets of time lately.

  7. "
    Well, I'm so backlogged on games right now, it just doesn't make sense for me."

    Being backlogged and commenting on this site, go hand-in-hand. There is no excuse on this site to not buy new games! *knowing the target audience = winning

  8.  ROFL - there is that.  Except, I try not to review until I'm done with/beaten a game.  Running out of reviews on my own site that I have backed up in draft form.  Need to start beating some more games soon. lol

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