Tuesday, September 18, 2012

$10 off Pre-Orders at NewEgg ends 9/20!

I'm busy as always and have been on vacation, but real quick is running a game pre-order special of $10 off anything $39.99 and up through 9/20.  Details:

Use promo code EMCNAJB243 at checkout and ENJOY!  (note: one $10 promo per order, but you can use it on multiple orders.)

The important question:  What are you going to use it on?

Personally I'm tempted on Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Epic Mickey 2 and Luigi's Mansion 2.  As a side note Wii U games are also available if you're inclined.


  1. Always trying to keep people incomplete around here. If I KNEW I was going to get Wii U games day one, I might do this. Though, reserving NSMBU with this would be a good way to save $10. Might have to consider that and hope they ship it before Christmas.

  2. Glad I can push my incomplete agenda to others.  I know you have some bitter coffee grounds from a previous pre-order, but FWIW they shipped NSMB2 immediately.  They were also very helpful with allowing me to retain my $10 pre-order promo even though I had to re-order due to billing/CC address issues.

    I don't remember what their pre-order cancellation policy is, but this may be a good way to save some cash.  I'd definitely give it a closer look.

  3. There is A LOT of irony in your response, with a post I'm working on for tonight...LOL.

    As for my past NewEgg experience, it wasn't even a pre-order, just a regular order.

    BUT, that being said, I think I'm going to take advantage of this pre-order deal on NSMBU....$10 saved is $10 saved.
    Now, can you explain why Amazon has The Walking Dead games on sale!

  4. Just going to leave a bit of encouragement here.... 

  5. Yeah, i saw that earlier.

    T.r.y.i.n.g t.o r.e.s.i.s.t.....

  6. Damn you Americas! No such deals in Canadiana afaik.

  7. ROFL - sadly I'm not looking to buy anything right now, so this deal's going to pass me by, but I definitely enjoyed Coffee's ribbing of you.  Especially with that new humble bundle out there... ;)

  8. Just as an FYI, the code does not work on Wii U games... you failed in keeping me more INCOMPLETE!

  9. Looks like it only works on certain games in that special link in the main post. ZombiU worked, but New SMB U didn't. Still some good ones there, but nothing from Nintendo.