Saturday, December 21, 2013

eShop Sales - Merry Pre-Christmas!

Nintendo/eShop sales?  It's almost unheard of not very long ago, but clear the cobwebs from your eyes as there are a number of games on sale until 1/2 or 1/3!  So was I tempted to become even more incomplete?  Hit the jump:

Really, who am I kidding, of course I was.  Granted I haven't bought anything on Steam during the current sale as I feel I'll have more of a chance playing/finishing something on 3DS.


- ATV Wild Ride 3D: $4.99  - Looks like a fun diversion and maybe I can catch some online games too.
- Cave Story: $6.99 - Got it on steam for $2.50 awhile ago, but don't like playing it on PC at the moment.
- Ikachan: $2.99 - Why not?
- NightSky: $4.99 - I really wanted this on 3DS 2 years ago and ended up buying it on Steam for pretty cheap.  I haven't played too much on steam yet.

So for around $20, not bad at all.

Mutant Mudds (3DS and Wii U) and VVVVVV are also on sale, though I already own both.  There are quite a few others as well, but at the moment I didn't see anything I really had to buy.

Did you buy anything yet, are you waiting to see what the Christmas lot holds or were you not interested in anything?


  1. That's right, I probably should have picked up a $50 with that deal considering these 4 purchases. That's like 1-2 games for free.

    Don't forget Gunman Clive too, or maybe I should do another post


  2. The question is - how much MORE incomplete gaming in your future?

    I did not pick anything up eShop-wise, but we had plenty on the plate w/ CoD for PS4 and all the Wii U stuff I bought. :) That was a huge hit w/ the kiddos

  3. Oh plenty ahead, hopefully some gets completed somehow. Time to pay the next CC bill later this month that's, oh, more than double the usual.... :)