Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Deals that Got Away

It's been one of those weekends with lots of travel, driving, stress and to top it off I missed out on a number of great gaming deals.  Let's pour a cup of your favorite beverage and go through the list.

#1: was having a rather nice President's Day sale this weekend and no matter how hard I tried, it just wouldn't work out.  I wish I had seen Emily Rogers' twitter feed earlier that day instead of doing silly things like working.  I was all set to buy Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask ($14.99), Kid Icarus Uprising ($14.99) and Skyward Sword ($19.99), but fell asleep Friday evening.  To my dismay SS was sold out and both 3DS games were no longer shipping; only available via store pickup.

Since I was going out of town the next day picking it up locally wasn't an option and technically I could have worked it out to find inventory while on the road, but with the chaos that is our life that's just not possible.  I have plenty to keep me busy, but that was a decent savings which may not come around for awhile.

Though as an honorable mention they were also selling Paper Mario: Sticker Star for $19.99.  It was still available for shipping and while it looks like a quality game it just doesn't seem like my thang.

Freaking Amazon slipped StarCraft II in today's lightening deals for $17.99.  Honestly their recent Tuesday deals have been barely notable to even look at and it was mixed in with a bunch of Disney stuff.

Anyway, so I'm keeping an eye out for what drops next and am not missing out!!

Did any of you take part in the BestBuy or other recent sales to nab some great games?  Did the Wii U eat up all your money? :)


  1. Speaking of pouring my favorite beverage, I just brewed/poured a cup of coffee.

    I haven't grabbed any games from a "sale" in a while. I think the NewEgg NSMBU pre-order was the last one.

    It's kind of odd too, because I browse the sites usually daily for deals, like I started 3+ years ago. I even created a banner back in November and updated it in January, for possibly a more frequent feature with sales...that feature may start in 2014 with my current posting schedule.

  2. Bummer you missed out on those. My son's been playing Paper Mario lately and absolutely loving it, and Kid Icarus is a top 3 game for me on the 3DS. Had I seen that deal for Skyward Sword, I might have picked it up. We had it - my daughter bought it with her birthday money about a year ago, but it has several wiiiiicked scratches from God-knows-what and won't read and resurfacing doesn't help either.

    Speaking of sales, I'm sitting here staring at the Dead Space 3 deal on amazon right now for $40. I have picked up a few games over the last two weeks. I'm going to have to create my own incomplete gaming site at this rate...

  3. Collecting games and not completing them.  It's addicting, right? :)

    That's cool to hear about Paper Mario and Icarus.  I may give Sticker Star another look just in case I trip over some other sales.

  4.  I saw SC2 as part of yesterday's lightning deals. I did wind up pulling the trigger on the dead space 3 deal though, and picked up dead space 2 as well... so I'm continuing my trend this week of acquiring more games than I can possibly play. :P