Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Update

So I posted a 'Hiaitus' entry in December followed by 6 more posts, then don't do anything for over two months. Go figure...

What's been going on?

I'll tell you what:  a lot of work, some taxes, business travel, house drama, a new baby and not very much sleep. Oh yeah and some gaming too.  Skipping to the games, here's what I've been playing and am looking forward to in the near future.

Recent Games:

Mutant Mudds:

I'm not finished with this yet, but am getting much closer.  It's starting to get pretty tough on the last few levels though is such a great game.  Even at $8.99 you owe it to yourself to pick this up if you're a retro or platformer fan.

Super Mario 3D Land:

I haven't finished this yet either - imagine that..  :)  I put some good time into SMB3DL in Nov/December, but really hadn't touched it much in 2012.  For whatever reason I thought it was a good game to pass time in the airport/on flights and am almost finished with the 1st playthrough.  I honestly wasn't sure how I would like this since I'm more of a 2D fan vs 3D Mario 64/Galaxy style.  Once I started getting used to the movements and depth I have to say that this is a really fantastic game.  It's so polished, has great level design and quite a bit of content.  I'll definitely be working on a second playthrough with Luigi!

It may also be a nice warm-up to the rumor of SuperMario4 or whatever they're calling it.

Link's Awakening DX:

Sorry, the windfish isn't awake yet.  (do you sense a theme here?)  I think I'm about half-way through by now and have taken a break.  Overall this is one hell of a game especially for the GB/GBA and the amount of content.  I'm really enjoying the classic Zelda gameplay, puzzles and no-fuss experience here despite a few minor gripes.


The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks:

There are numerous games I'm looking forward to in 2012, but at the same time there are even more that I've missed or simply ignored over the years.  Before having a 3DS I basically ignored DS games and it didn't help that when I did look at the shelves in Best Buy there were many titles that weren't a good fit or just seemed like possible shovelware.

In either case I've been monitoring prices on Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass on Amazon and decided to take the plunge with ST for $18.67.  If I end up not liking it, it's not a big deal for less than $20.

Overall I'm pretty excited to check this out and have read numerous reviews along with viewing countless videos.  With my above 'classic Zelda gameplay' comment you're probably wondering why I went with Spirit Tracks.  The difference in gameplay is both concerning and exciting at the same time.  I mean, this is basically the polar opposite of what I usually play.  I also want to at least experience every Zelda game whether or not I end up liking it.  (ok maybe not the CD-i games)

After reading and viewing so many reviews a number of common themes seem to be present.  I'm trying not to form any real opinions yet, but it's hard to ignore some of those impressions that I agree with.  I'm primarily looking forward to the dungeon puzzles, especially those co-op ones with Zelda.  Apprehensions?  The train, Wind Waker-style, kiddie link and all touch-screen controls.  But hey, if every game was like Link's Awakening or LTTP that might get boring as well..  :)

What games have you been playing and what are you looking forward to?  Also, what are your thoughts on Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass?


  1. Hey - good to see you alive and kickin' over here! :)

    I don't miss those days where it was all work and no sleep, believe me.  I have so many back titles to catch up on still... lol.

    For me?  Um, playing mostly Record of Agarest War Zero, FF XIII-2, ME 3 online and Kid Icarus: Uprising.  Several titles coming out these year had my attention, like Diablo III, Luigi's Mansion 2 and others I'm just not recalling right this moment. :P

    I never got to play either of those two games - Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass.  My son liked them, my youngest daughter loves them.  I actually just stumbled onto Spirit Tracks the other day (it had somehow gotten covered by a tub of my wife's craft supplies and I just discovered it while cleaning the den the other day - that's the curse of these tiny DS cartridges I guess) so I may yet have to give that one a shot eventually.

  2. Not sure how to say this, but those two Zelda DS titles do seem pretty kid friendly at least from a quick superficial view.  Yeah, when you run out of other games, give them a try.  :)

    I'm also looking forward to both Epic Mickey's later this year.

  3. Welcome back!

    I'm currently playing Xenoblade Chronicles and looking forward to Mario Tennis Open.

  4. "
    What games have you been playing and what are you looking forward to?  Also, what are your thoughts on Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass?"

    Hardly any! It's all The Old Republic's fault...the doom of everything started with that game. Good intentions down the drain...with terrible programming!
    Magically vanishing PC memory, multiple re-installs, no "known issue" on the forums...really strange.

  5. Thanks for stopping buy guys!
    superphillip32 :  I'm a bit undecided on both of those at the moment, but could see me getting into Mario Tennis Open.
    coffee:  So that's what's been eating away at your time... :)  I knew a few guys looking forward to SWTOR, but hadn't heard back in quite awhile.  

  6.  So that's where you've been hiding!? :)  LOL.