Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Steam MEGA-Sale roundup!

  It's undeniable that Steam is basically the premier digital PC gaming service and doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  I'm sure we all have our gripes, but simply looking at the selection and considering the ease of use usually is enough to win you over.  I've even gone as far as re-purchasing games on steam due to broken CD's and/or to have them at my finger tips without futzing with physical media.

  So now that I've established how much I'm in love with Steam, how about that mega game sale that just ended?  In all honesty I let the Summer 2010 sale get a bit out of control and haven't really taken advantage of the items I purchased.  Read on to see how I fared in 2011.

Summer 2011:

Before I get into the game list (hey, stop skipping down to the table!) I tried to go into each day with a level head and not let the excitement of the sale push me to purchase games I really didn't need to.  (i know, that's the exact reason for these sales and Valve's "campy" marketing)  I basically would look at each title and give it an honest review regardless of price.  I also would ask myself if it was something I would actually play within the next 3-4 months.  If not then it was skipped and there were quite a few of those.  I can always wait until the Winter 2011 sale and pick them up then.

Ok, so here's the list:

Game Sale Retail
Bit.Trip Runner$2.50$9.99
Plants Vs Zombies GOTY$3.39$9.99
Toki Tori$1.24$4.99
Defense Grid: The Awakening$2.49$9.99
Defenese Grid DLC$0.00$3.96
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky$2.49$9.99
Killing Floor$4.99$19.99
Killing Floor DLC$1.96$7.96
Killing Floor SteamPunk DLC$0.00$1.99
Portal 2$24.99$49.99
The Final Hours of Portal 2$0.99$1.99
Portal 2 Snorkles$0.00?

Not too shabby right?  I came away with some pretty nice games (especially Portal 2 - W00T!) for a retail savings of $85.79 or about 66% off.  I didn't have to go to freakin' Best Buy with their inflated prices and I have a ton of gaming content for less than $50.

Compare with Previous Sales:

If you're still reading I won't go into full detail of the sale and game lists, so here's a quick approximate summary:

Summer 20117$45.04
Winter 201015$21.54Includes the Humble Bundle #2 which duplicated a few that I had.
Summer 201015$70.97

Overall that's not too bad and from looking at my gaming spreadsheet it appears that I've spent a total of $104.83 in 2011.  This is composed of both Steam and Wii (retail+digital).


In general I try to be frugal, search for sales and watch/wait for good deals.  For example I had been looking at 007 Goldeneye for Wii and waited to jump on it when it hit $29 on Amazon back in April.  Overall I feel pretty good about my purchases and think they will provide some quality gaming for the money.  I also liked the idea of the Steam prize/drawing system this year.  There was nothing amazing on there, but hey, getting some free DLC or something else for a game you own or want to own is a nice perk from time to time even if it's more or less monetarily insignificant.  I think their use of "tickets" to force you to interact with steam, your gaming friends and possibly purchase new games was also a smart marketing technique.  Plus it also narrowed down the pool of "top 10 wishlist" winners to people that were actually active.

Did you participate in the Steam sale and what games did you pick up?  If you're new to steam what did you think of the sale prices, daily deals and "prize ticket" techniques?  If you're not on steam (that means you, what are you waiting for???


  1. ROFL @ the reference to ol' Coffee there. :)

    Steam is definitely my favorite online platform for PC games. I came in mid-way through their last winter sale, and this was my first full-fledged time spent on a large sale of theirs. I will admit, I bought some things - but I started off buying a lot but only bought maybe 1 item over the 2nd half of the sale. I was mostly looking for the less expensive content, slightly older games generally.

    It does sound like you did quite well though overall. I admit, I have a routine of places I check for daily deals - gamersgate, steam, amazon and usually gamestop at least once a week.

  2. You know I couldn't resist with him talking about Steam, but never joining. It's like he has quite a bit going on or something...

    I have to admit that I hit steam and amazon quite a bit to check up on my wishlist and price changes. Never know when you need to jump on a deal.

    P2 was my one splurge item as I was mainly looking for really cheap stuff that was laptop-friendly.

  3. "If you're not on steam (that means you, what are you waiting for???"

    You's VERY interesting you asked that.

    I visited Steam once again tonight, even looked at the "Login" button, but then my ADHD kicked in and I closed the tab and moved onto something else.

    I think it's interesting because I hadn't read this post, yet there I was visiting the site ONCE more, and NOTHING happened again...

  4. @Coffee - LOL! Man, we're going to DRAG you over there and make you login/create the next time there's a big sale (like I suspect there will be a fall or Christmas one again). However, right now, you *do* have some other things going on, so we'll let it slide... this one time... maybe... ;)

  5. No worries coffee, we'll leave you alone until the Winter steam sale. :)