Sunday, January 26, 2014

Club Nintendo Rewards

It's that time again...  I've finally registered my 3DS XL, completed a backlog of surveys and despite leaving 150-200 coins on the table am up over 500.  Should I hold out for something good down the line or go ahead and burn it now?

Let's take a look at what's available now.


Only one I'm maybe looking at is F-Zero.

Other Rewards:

  • Luigi 3DS Pouch
    • I know there's a Mario one as well, but come on, give little L some love!  I like the idea of a pouch though am not sure how well it would fit with the dreamgear grip I use.
  • 3DS XL Charging Cradle
    • I did like the idea of the original one, but truth be told I'm not sure how much use it would get.  It's just a matter of taking off the aforementioned grip each time just for a charge.
  • Game Card Case
    • I'm a bit bummed that the Zelda inserts are gone, though I do like the previous card case I got from the club.  I still have 6 slots left in that existing case so while I don't need anything right now I am closing in on 18..
Overall I may go for the pouch just to give things a bit more protection while traveling.  Though what I'd like to see are the mario and luigi pouches they had a few years ago.  These were simple little rectangular pouches (reversible) that were great for cables and other stuff.  Who doesn't like being in a stuffy business meeting only to pull out a cable pouch with a discrete mario in the corner and subsequent thumbs-up from the other cool gamer in the room?  :)

What about you?  Are you looking at any of the current rewards or have you spent them on something earlier this year?


  1. Same as you - F-Zero is the only game I'm considering grabbing this month.

  2. I'm usually really late on these things with Club Nintendo. Does it reset in June or July? For some reason, I think that's what I remember last year, and trying to register tons of points at the last minute to grab one of the higher levels.

    Can't say I have been impressed by much as of late though, because I do have some points on it, but haven't gone about grabbing anything with them.

    Though, they are getting slick with their efforts, trying to trick people into thinking some Wii U Virtual Console titles are up, when it is really only Wii Virtual Console titles.